Android Clean App Reviews: Which one is the best

In the last five years, our phones have become smaller, sleeker and can do a lot more than our first PCs. As a result of the overuse, we seem to need bigger batteries, more space and more RAM. But even with the ever-increasing storage and faster RAM, sometimes, our phone may feel a bit slower and clogged. Occasionally, it may even run out of space.

 Is there a way to speed up your phone and get rid of the all the junk files safely?

 Yes. There are several good apps that can clear the junk on your phone. But beware, there also some rogue apps that try to hijack your Smartphone or delete files in a bad way to save space. Using such apps may make your phone unstable, cause restarts or may even ‘brick’ your phone.

 To help you choose a good Android cleaner app, we have reviewed a few reliable ones.

  1. Clean Master

 With over 500 million downloads, Clean Master is one of the top choices to clean up your Android Smartphone. Apart from cleaning, it also has an antivirus scanner and a battery booster.

  It primarily cleans out the junk files in the System cache, app data, and junk coming from storing ads. This single app can replace a host of apps on your phone.

  1. Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster

Cache Cleaner has a loyal following of over 230 million Android users for two reasons. It can optimise apps running in the background and remove the junk files. It also lists apps that haven’t been used for a long time and gives you an option to uninstall them. Its “CPU Cooler” interface shows which apps are consuming most CPU power, so you can cool your phone easily by terminating the apps.

  1. Go Speed

 This is one of the lightweight Android apps that is more efficient than most of the other cleaning apps. It starts its work by limiting the number of apps that auto start when you start the phone. It continues to monitor background activity and stop rogue apps from waking up unnecessarily.

  1. Power Clean

Power Clean does not have such a big following yet. But over 2 million users are happy with the functions of its cleaner. It also a has a neat junk notification cleaner that blocks all unnecessary notifications. Power Clean also has an app vault that can stop any unwanted access to important apps.